It is a social association created to spread Italian language and culture. In Venice, one of the most charming places in the world, you will discover Italian life style through history, art and traditional cooking.

A group of women established "A Friend in Venice" to offer a new Kind of holiday for foreign and Italian visitors. They will personally assist you in discovering Venice, as they would a close friend.

We are not an Italian language school, nor a cooking school,nor tour guides. We are not even hotel keepers, restaurateurs or shop owners.

The scope of our association is to help you discover and fall in love with Venice. You will experience Venice and feel Italian, speaking our language with us, sightseeing along narrow and unknown streets or by visiting the main sights. You will see Venice not as a tourist, but as Venetian. We offer you the opportunity to...

... shop with us! Venice has hundreds of shops and it will be a fun experience to assist you with your purchases.

... visit the main sights of Venice together with lesser Known unique places, special to Venetians.

We will give you the opportunity to taste and enjoy very traditional Venetian and Italian recipes.

In order to become a member of "A Friend in Venice" and utilize our services, an obligatory 5 euro fee is requested.

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